Saturday, November 8, 2008

Ben Hogan's 30's record, Tiger Woods 30's future

When Ben Hogan was in his 30's immediately after WWII he became Mr. Golf. He was winning almost every tournament he entered during this prime time of his career. Hogan is mostly remembered for his comeback from the horrible accident with a Greyhound bus in 1949 and his incredible majors run in 1953.

According to Hogan himself he was a better overall player after the war. The Ben Hogan Collection dvd set highlights some film taken during this period that shows that remarkable golf swing. The film came from the Alex Morrison portfolio of films and photos owned by McTee's Champions LLC. Golfers can see and learn from watching Hogan at his peak in these unique films. No other dvd set on the market has these films.

Tiger Woods is now entering that same period in his life as a professional golfer where Hogan was in the late 40's. With the credentials and records Tiger brings to this period of time one can surely expect some really terrific golf from him. Records will fall or be totally smashed. Tiger should finally shoot his 59 or better in competition. Hopefully he has taken it upon himself to continue his quest for a better swing, one that keeps him in the fairways and yields more birdies. Tiger has a great short game and is the best putter I have seen on tour. He will be putting for more birdies and eagles if he can approach the greens from the fairways and not the rough. Maybe he could learn to swing more like Hogan? What a nightmare it would be for competitors if Tiger could hit all 14 fairways most rounds like Hogan used to.

I wish Tiger all the best. Hogan would be proud of his dedication and perserverence to the grand game of golf.

Tom McCarthy

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Ben Hogan - Long Drive Contest Winner

Another amazing bit of golf swing lore comes to us from the 1952 Masters Tournament. Ben Hogan who was known for his excellent ball striking and course management expertise is also the winner of the long drive contest at this Masters. Hogan often won long driving contests in his earlier years on tour against all takers during exhibitions prior to tournaments but this was the grand stage at the Masters!

Hogan's flawless technique translates into both distance and accuracy. I really do recommend that new golfers and established players study Mr. Hogan's golf swing and try to emulate the fundamentals of the swing as he displayed them on film. The analysis provided by Jim McLean in 'The Ben Hogan Collection" is the best to date and far surpasses what has been published in various golf books on the subject. You can see Hogan and learn from Hogan by viewing the dvd's as they are programmed to give the golfer the best instructional presentation available. There are repetitive clips, various angles presented, and detailed guidance on what to look for and use in the golf swing from McLean.

Hogan hit it straight and liked to use the fade as his go to finesse shot. He could also drive it past other professionals on tour on a regular basis. Golfers should be learning Hogan's techniques, not trying to figure out what some of the modern swing gurus are selling. Even the pros seem to fall for this nonsense. Its a good thing they can putt and chip or their scores would be like the rest of us amateurs.

Tiger Woods is constantly trying to improve his swing and my hunch is it will look different when he gets back on tour after rehab. I am also confident it will look more like Hogan's!

Tom McCarthy

Friday, October 24, 2008

Ben Hogan

The production of the new dvd 'Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf' is moving along. The producer is in Fort Worth doing site research for upcoming filming at historic sites such as the Colonial Country Club, Shady Oaks Country Club, and the home of Ben and Valerie Hogan. Discussion with supporters and potential sponsors is ongoing. Hopefully, Mr. Hogan will be attired in some of the stunning new Ben Hogan Apparel. The clothing is classic, sharp and breaks new ground in sports performance apparel technology. The golf equipment will of course be from The Ben Hogan Company (, owned by Callaway Golf.

According to golf historians Anthony Ravielli photographed Ben Hogan in Fort Worth to provide the documentation he needed to create the line drawing artwork found in the Five Lessons. Some of the original photos and negatives were sold on Ebay a few years ago. Also, some were used as images in David Leadbetter's book on Hogan's golf swing.

All the artwork and photos from Anthony Ravielli are now owned by Classic Sports Brands of New York ( The portfolio is being preserved in tack along with Mr. Ravielli's studio. Select items will be incorporated into the new dvd production of the Five Lessons. Selection of a lead production company is almost complete with proposals under review.

This new modern production will incorporate the Ravielli drawings and artwork, photos and film of Mr. Hogan, and the new technologies of motion capture and high definition 2D and 3D computer graphics to create an entertaining and informative instructional program. The full capabilities of these new technologies and the outstanding artwork from Ravielli, the instruction content on golf fundamentals from Ben Hogan, and the poetic writing style of newly inducted World Golf Hall of Fame inductee Herbert Warren Wind are included in the pre-production plans.

Fort Worth is the 'Home of Hogan'. Friends and supporters of the new Ben Hogan Foundation have committed to several significant projects as part of their goals. One such project is the establishment and funding of a new Ben Hogan Learning Center in Fort Worth. Details of this project and other committments can be found at the organizations website, Donations to the foundation can be made throught this site or through Ebay. In addition, another donation solution for Ebay sellers is to identify the foundation as their charity of choice when listing new products for sale. A portion of the sale is then automatically sent to the foundation. Another option is to directly make a donation through the Ebay and Paypal systems. The Foundation has already started to receive donations through this option.

The Ben Hogan Collection website ( is changing a bit. Some of the items that were listed have been sold out (towels, stand bags, golf balls) with no restocking seen in the future. Sales of The Ben Hogan Collection 3dvd Pack with software cd are contuing along with the coffee table photo book 'The Man Behind the Mystique'. Ben Hogan caps, visors, and new iron sets are still available but in limited supply. Coming soon to the site are Hogan's instructional book, 'Five Lessons' and 'The Secret Behind Ben Hogan's Golf Swing' among other titles.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Ben Hogan Collection stories

One of the best stories I heard about Ben Hogan had to do with his mastery of the pitching wedge. We are well aware that he could hit all 18 greens and hit all the fairways in a typical round. We are also aware thanks to HBO that Mr. Hogan's wedge shot in 1960 at the US Open came up short by 3 feet and ended up in the water, costing him the Championship.

But this is a better story, one that dares to be tested. Jody Vasquez in his book, 'Afternoons with Mr. Hogan' told this story about how Mr. Hogan could make his ball spin back uphill on the green. During practice sessions tended to by Vasquez he would watch Mr. Hogan practice from behind the green, down the slope of a green that sloped away from him. He would hit a crisp wedge shot up and towards the hole and make the ball back up - uphill! Vasquez said that he had never to this day seen anybody do that.

In fact, he told the story to Nick Faldo who promptly tried to match this feat. He tried and failed, repeatedly.

Ah, the Mystique lives on. I wonder who wll try to match this shot? Could Phil Mickelson do it? After all, he is the master of the present day wedge, showing off with Dave Pelz on one occasion on film and on another hitting a wedge that went backwards from where he was aiming at back on to the green. Pretty cool stuff.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Ben Hogan Collection: Hogan Swing - Left Handed View

We have created a very nice down the line view of Mr. Hogan hitting a golf shot in a left handed rendering. The Ben Hogan Collection includes so many golf swings from the right handed viewpoint that we felt a view from the left side would be useful for both right and left handed players.


Sunday, October 5, 2008

Watching the beauty of golf shots on television

Other than actually feeling the sensation of hitting a really, really good golf shot with one's own hands and golfswing, watching a skilled player, whether an amateur or tour professional hit a great shot gives me that small moment in time where I can appreciate seeing the magic of a golf ball in flight, on a true trajectory, speeding towards its target.

No matter what, it is better watching it in person. Ask those golf fans that go to tournaments to cheer for a particular player and enjoy the shots they make on the course or even on the practice range. Watching this on television takes a distant second place.

The reality is I have to watch golf on TV most of the time as I cannot be at all tournaments all the time, even the local ones. I do go to all the local tournaments I can schedule permitting.

The producers of golf on television sometimes provide us with great viewing and most of the time they don't. I am not sure why. Frank Chirkinian had it right when producing for CBS by showing as much golf as you can within the limits of those sponsorship minutes for commercials. One should not talk over the action.

The best view of a golf shot, one that puts the viewer right there both visually and emotionally with the player is from behind the player and looking down the line towards the target as the ball is struck and launches into the sky towards its intended landing zone. This view can be on ground level, elevated, elevated at an angle or even elevated from the sponsor's blimp. Watching a shot from the green come up and land is fine. I like the close up of the ball on the green and where it lands and ends up. I really do not like watching shots hit from the tee or fairway from the viewing stand near the green.

It is a thing of beauty. At the Ben Hogan Collection website, one of the commercials we produced has a wonderful shot of Ben Hogan hitting to a bunkered green off into the distance. The swing is flawless, the strike pure, and you can see the flight of the ball as it rockets towards the green on its perfect trajectory. We have had many compliments on that shot over time. Within the collection there are some additional film clips of Mr. Hogan on the practice range at Augusta National that view him hitting golf shots from this similar angle, albiet from a further distance. The flight of the ball is seen over and over again. It is mesmerizing, let along entertaining.

I am not sure why this angle is not shown more. It really puts the viewer right there where they can appreciate the moment. One of the networks has a trajectory tracker that draws in the flight of the ball to give the viewer a graphic of its path. Its nice but contrived. I am sure that the camera can capture better than that in this day of high definition television. They did it in the late 40's with Mr. Hogan so why can't they give us thie view now? I know I would like to see a better view of the ball's trajectory.

There is a whole lot of new graphics and technology in place that the networks use to enhance our viewing experience. Some of it is just plain junk. A lot of it is pretty terrific. The fly overs of the various golf holes, the graphic representation of the green and its slopes and valleys, and even the dotted putting line. I do like the effect of the golf balls draining down the fall lines to give a real perspective of speed and curvature of the track of a rolling putt. However, about that dotted line. Award winning or not as the network claims, its nice to see what the player has to content with on slope and curvature but please eliminate it when the player is ready to strike his putt. When it stays in place it looks stupid, like a blue zipper.

Another reason golfers watch golf on television is to try to learn something from the pros that will help them improve their golf swing, lower their scores, hit the ball farther, and beat their buddies or competitors. We watch the golfers, we watch their preparation for a shot and listent to their discussions with their caddies. Way, way too often we have to listen to golf comentators who used to play competitively or in some cases never did go on and on about the shot and even critisize their play. Do we have to please with the networks to show more golf, more golfers hitting shots, and less dribble. The hype about the money list, the rankings, continued eligibility, the self promotion of the PGA Tour brand versus everything else except the Fedex Cup is really draining. It kills a telecast of a golf tournament, and championship, an enormous event for the local course and economy.

I do like to hear about the players especially if the piece has some journalistic quality to it and not just a 30 second interview at the end of a round that doesn't say anything, either from the player or the comentator. I do like to hear about newsworthy and interesting things that players do and that happens to them, and I do get bored about the boring stuff of life that even a tour pro has to do and endure.

Can more golf swings be shown? Yes, and with the great new slow motion technology available it really becomes a lesson for viewers. The viewing effect of slow motion photography is captivating when its about just about anything, especially a golf swing and club/ball dynamics. Wouldn't it be great if they showed more of these during the telecast for different players and different clubs. Wouldn't it be great if the networks could show similar effects for some of the legends of the game when they were in their prime. Slow motion works for viewers. Its a real benefit for us and I vote for more, more, more.

Overall I really do enjoy the Masters Tournament telecast by CBS. The tradition is there, the golf is there, and CBS puts its very best foot forward with their best talent, but very, very carefully. Thank you Augusta National members! I really do appreciate it. And, next spring, I get to walk the grounds on Tuesday of Masters week. Something I have waited so long to do and that I will always remember and tell my children and grandchildren.

Ben Hogan Collection 3 DVD set praised by golfers

The Ben Hogan Collection 3 DVD pack and 'Swing Interactive' software CD has been on the market for about a year. It has received praise from golfers that have either purchased it for themselves or received it as a gift for Christmans, birthday, and Father's Day presents.

To get a view of one of the commercial spots that aired on The Golf Channel and Fox Sports Net click on the video icon. Mr. Hogan's swing is presented for your enjoyment!

Setting Mr. Hogan's brilliance as a golfer and life story in the documentary was the goal of the producers. The cost was enormous but the outcome is worth every bit of effort and expense that went into the project. Family and friends of Mr. Hogan are all very pleased with the result.

Here are a few things that have been said about the 'Collection'. Also, comments on the purchases made from,, and Ebay are included as they provide some confidence for future transactions by consumers.

The results are below:

"This is easily the best dvd/video on ben hogan: very informative and well presented. mcctee was a pleasure to buy from." Date: 6/3/2008 Rated by Buyer: Peter M.

"My husband loved this gift for Christmas!" Date: 1/3/2008 Rated by Buyer: elliskit

"Wow! Fastest delivery ever from an Amazon seller - great service and excellent product" Date: 2/22/2008 Rated by Buyer: jdo-wv

Great DVD. Recommended Ebay seller. Thanks very much.
Buyer: Jul-18-08 13:14
The Ben Hogan Collection 3 DVD Set, Software, CALENDAR

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The Ben Hogan Collection 3 DVD Set, Software, CALENDAR

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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Ben Hogan Company New Irons

The Ben Hogan Collection now has on both its website and in Ebay listings new Ben Hogan Company irons and wedges. New posts for the wedges are forthcoming but we have listed on Ebay brand new in their original shipping box Ben Hogan Apex, Apex PLUS, and Apex Edge irons. All sets are 3-9 plus the E (Equalizer) Wedge. The sets are numbered and are all forged construction. They are beautiful.

The listings on Ebay can be found under the mcctee vendor listings. The price is a great value at $499. The Apex and the Apex PLUS can be found on our website at We are proud to be able to provide this Ben Hogan Company equipment along with our instruction dvd products.

We will be posting the other wedges as soon as the web techs are able to make the changes.

I am sorry to say that we are out of stock on a number of items that still appear on the website such as golf balls and golf towels. However, we will be posting some golf books including 'The Five Lessons, The Modern Fundamentals of Golf' in the very near future.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Praise for Ben Hogan Collection

A while back we received this wonderful bit of praise for 'The Ben Hogan Collection' 3 dvd set and Interactive Software. It was unsolicited and was appreciated by all involved in the planning, production, and funding of the 'Collection'.

Please forward my congratulations to Jim for putting together The Ben Hogan Collection. The collection is by far the biggest bargain of information and price ever.
The guest speakers were all fabulous, a treasure. Your work finally puts to rest all of the silly "Hogan's Secret" claims by some rather lame teachers out there.
The way the DVDs are laid out, anything Mr. Hogan had to offer is right there to see. My favorite section is the "Y" factor as it also shows left shoulder and left elbow height as he reaches the back side/at/and a bit through the impact zone.

The Interactive EXE. file is a stroke of genius. Thanks for doing that.

Best Always,

Larry Mowry
1989 PGA Seniors Champion

Over the past couple of years we have received terrific reviews from golf publications. These can be seen in the media section at our website:

It would be nice to hear from other satisfied customers.

We also have provided sample copies to quite a few tour players including the Callaway Tour Staff for both the PGA Tour and European Tour. I wonder how they liked being able to view Ben Hogan on the dvds and being able to control the swing speed with the software?

Please forward my congratulations to Jim for putting together The Ben Hogan Collection. The collection is by far the biggest bargain of information and price ever.
The guest speakers were all fabulous, a treasure. Your work finally puts to rest all of the silly "Hogan's Secret" claims by some rather lame teachers out there.
The way the DVDs are laid out, anything Mr. Hogan had to offer is right there to see. My favorite section is the "Y" factor as it also shows left shoulder and left elbow height as he reaches the back side/at/and a bit through the impact zone.

The Interactive EXE. file is a stroke of genius. Thanks for doing that.

Best Always,

Larry Mowry
1989 PGA Seniors Champion

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ryder Cup History - Ben Hogan

Since this is the most pretigious week in match play golf in the world it seems fitting to provide a little history on the Ryder Cup, especially about Ben Hogan and those other great players on his American Team. Some of the names on those historic teams are easily recognizable as members of golf 'legends' category and others were just plain great golfers! All deserved and received a tremendous amount of attention and praise for their participation and play during those earlier years of competition between the US and Great Britain.

Ben Hogan's record in the Ryder Cup was perfect both as a player and as a captain of the team. Hogan played in 1947 and 1951. He was the captain in 1949 and 1967. We could sure use someone like him now! I hope Paul Azinger and the PGA get a bit of inspiration from Hogan's record.

In 1947 Hogan was a player/captain. The team consisted of Sam Snead, Jimmy Demaret, Herman Barron, Lew Wersham, Lloyd Mangrum, Byron Nelson, Dutch Harrison, Herman Keiser, and Ed Oliver. The results was a lopsided 11-1 vitory for the American team.

In 1949 Hogan was still recovering from the trauma of the auto accident with a Greyhound bus that nearly killed him and his wife, Valerie. He still made the trip over to Great Britain. Pictures of Hogan shows a somewht gaunt physique. Team members were Skip Alexander, Jimmy Demaret, Chick Harbert, Dutch Harrison, Lloyd Mangrum, Clayton Haefner, Ed Dudley, Sam Snead, Johnny Palmer, and Bob Hamilton. The Brits made a real competition of it this time but were defeated 7 to 5.

Hogan was back again as a player in 1951 to contribute to another overwhelming American victory margin of 9 1/2 to 2 1/2. The American team was comprised of Jackie Burke, Jr. Ed Oliver, Jimmy Demaret, Henry Ransom, Sam Snead, Lloyd Mangrum, Clayton Haefner, Skip Alexander, and Dutch Harrison. The American squads continued in this tradition for many more competitions between the two friendly golf giants.

1967 was a remarkable year for Hogan with his near win at the Masters and his captaincy of the American Ryder Cup team that once again came away with the cherished cup prize. His players included many new golf stars that you may recognize such as Arnold Palmer, Al Geiberger, Julios Boros, Gardner Dickinson, Gene Littler, Billy Casper, Johnny Pott, Bobby Nichols, Gay Brewer, and Doug Sanders. Hosted by the new Champions Club in Houston this was a squad of well known and flambouant players as TV had started to make its mark on golf as a spectator sport in the US and abroad. In the new scoring format the Americans doused the Brits again with a 23 1/2 to 8 1/2 final score. Ben Hogan's speech at the team dinners really said it when he introduced his team as 'the finest golfers in the world'. The Brits never had a chance!

In our archives, we actually have some film clips from the 1947 Ryder Cup. Its black and white but of very good quality. would like to have you visit. There is a free downloadable screensaver available on the site comprised on an excellent Ben Hogan swing sequence as well as our other products and software. You can also view the three 60 second commercial spots that aired on the Golf Channel and Fox Sports Net. For an interesting treat also visit that we are partnering with to produce the 'Five Lessons, The Modern Fundamentals of Golf' dvd. The Request for Proposals were sent out this past week but can still be accessed by request. The deadline for the Proposal submissions is October 2, 2008.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Ben Hogan and Tiger Woods Career Winning percentages

Ben Hogan's tournament career record is phenomenal. I have worked up some of the percentages both before the accident and after the accident during his comeback years. As Mr. Hogan said himself he felt he was better before the wreck. The percentages rival any other player ever with similar percentages by a current legend in his own time, Tiger Woods.

In 'The Ben Hogan Collection' 3DVD set we provide a complete record of his tournaments and his position in each located in one of the special features section. Also, included is a swing gallery and a CD with motion control buttons of several of his swings.

Career Summary

Total Career
Top 10’s = 241 out of 292 Career Starts (82.5%)
Top 3’s = 150 out of 292 Career Starts (51.4%)
Victories = 68 out of 292 Career Starts (23.3%)

Career Before Accident
Top 10’s = 183 out of 201 Career Starts (91%)
Top 3’s = 119 out of 201 Career Starts (59.2%)
Victories = 54 out of 201 Career Starts (26.9%)
Majors Won = 4 (Including 1942 Hale America Open)

Career After Accident
Top 10’s = 58 out of 91 Career Starts (63.7%)
Top 3’s = 31 out of 91 Career Starts (34.1%)
Victories = 14 out of 91 Career Starts (15.4%)
Majors Won = 6

Total Career Official Earnings = $354,986
Majors Won = 10 (Includes 1942 Hale America Open)
Leading Money Winner = 5 times
Vardon Trophy Winner = 3 times
PGA Player of the Year = 4 times
Ryder Cup Record = Player 3-0-0, Captain 3-0-0

U.S. Open Record (22 Career Starts)
Top 10’s = 15 (68.2%)
Top 3’s = 8 (36.4%)
Victories = 4 (18.2%)

Masters Tournament Record (25 Career Starts)
Top 10’s = 17 (68%)
Top 3’s = 6 (24%)
Victories = 2 (8%)

PGA Championship Record (13 Career Starts)
Victories = 2 (15.4%)

British Open – 1 Career Start
Victory = 1 (100%)

For more information visit

For information on other related projects such as the production of the 'Five Lessons, The Modern Fundamentals of Golf' DVD go to

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Ben Hogan Course Management Ideas

During the research phase of producing 'The Ben Hogan Collection 3DVD set and Interactive Software we found numerous pieces of the Ben Hogan strategy on playing tournament golf. While there were many more that Mr. Hogan used these were some of the best and most significant. I hope it helps you lower your golf score. These along with viewing the golf swing fundamentals demonstrated by Mr. Hogan in 'The Collection' should result in better golf.

Hogan’s Course Management Concepts

1. Hogan would practice the shots that would be found on the course he was to play including areas off the fairway and in the rough.

2. Hogan would only hit those shots on a course that he had already practiced and not try miracle shots or shots he had not planned for in advance.

3. Hogan would avoid caffeine before a round as it excited his nerves too much to maintain a calm and methodical demeanor.

4. Added an extra spike to his right shoe to help push off his right side on the downswing. The shoes were made by the Maxwell Shoe Company in England.

5. “You never fight your eye when you look at a hole. If it looks one way, play it that way. Don’t make a big deal out of an easy shot.”

6. It’s a black and white thing. If it looks like it falls left to right, let it go left to right; if it looks like it falls right to left, let it go right to left.”

7. On a dogleg right, you don’t try to hook it, on a dogleg left don’t try to fade it.”

8. “When you practice try to find a situation to fit the shot you’re trying to practice

9. If the pin is on the right hand side of the green, the shot goes from left to right.

10. If the pin is in the left, it goes right to left.

11. If the pin is in the front, it goes in high.

12. If the pin is in the back, it comes in lower.

13. Always drop down a club when in doubt, go to a seven if it’s between a 7 or 8 iron.

14. Hogan would simply block off the past shots, good or bad, on the course by envisioning a wall following him down the fairway. The only thing he was concerned with was what was in front of the wall, the present, the current and next shot, not the shot he just hit or anything before it during a round.

For more information on 'The Collection' go to For more information on Classic Golf Brands and their subscription Classic Wine Program go to

Also, we will be sending out the Request for Proposals (RFP) next week for the production of the new instructional golf dvd, 'Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf' by Ben Hogan with Herbert Warren Wind and Anthony Ravielli.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Ben Hogan Coat of Arms, The Ben Hogan Collection

In our pre-production work for the 'Ben Hogan Collection' 3 DVD set we managed to find the actual Coat of Arms for the Hogan Family. It is quite interesting and we will be using it in the future for some of our products.

For those readers that have a sense for the information included in the picture I would like to hear from you about it. Your comments will be posted and shared with others.

I am currently doing research on Mr. Hogan's history from the time of birth to his passing away. If you have some interesting tid bits that you can share I will be glad to post. This information is for our new project 'Five Lessons, The Modern Fundamentals of Golf, by Ben Hogan with Herbert Warren Wind and illustrations by Anthony Ravielli. We are transforming this classic into a modern classic using high definition 3D computer animation and motion capture technology. We should have a 3D animated trailer available for marketing purposes around January 2009 with a launch date of June 2009 at the US Open at Bethpage Black in NY.
We are currently reviewing potential vendors for production of the 'Five Lessons' dvd project.
McTee's Champions, the company that produced The Ben Hogan Collection and Classic Sports Brands, producers of sports and golf related products including a new wine label are partnering together for the project.



Friday, August 29, 2008

Ben Hogan Foundation charity on Ebay

I wanted to again provide notice that now the Ben Hogan Foundation, a not for profit organization, founded to keep Ben Hogan's legacy current in the world of golf, can receive direct donations on sales through Ebay listings.

Sellers have a choice to include a portion of their proceeds from a sale to automatically be sent to the foundation with a partial match from Ebay from their fees. Its an easy way to contribute but alternatively one can contribute to the Foundation by calling them or going to their website at There are contact numbers there and a direct donation link.

The Foundation is also accepting donations of Ben Hogan memorabilia that it can display or use to generate additional funds for its charitable work. The website also provides information on its charitable initiatives including the funding of the Ben Hogan Center in Fort Worth, Texas. This will operate in conjunction with the area's First Tee Program located at a local municipal golf course complex.

Ben Hogan Collection, Golf Swing Instruction, Coffee Table Book

The most visually stunning collection of articles, photos, and career information is contained in the new 2006 printing of this beautiful coffee table size treasure, 'The Man Behind the Mystique'. Many color and black and white photos of Ben Hogan including several excellent previously unpublished golf swing sequences. Family photos and wonderful stories from family and friends as well as extensive historical information about Ben Hogan's championship career.

This is a must have for any golf professional or player who appreciates the history of the game and what Mr. Hogan contributed to the understanding of the golf swing and the tradition of tournament golf. If golf had been in the Olympics during his career I would bet that part of his legacy would have included a gold medal listed next to all of his career wins in tournaments and in the majors tallies included in this book.

One of the special ingredients to the book was the participation and review by Valerie Hogan, Ben's beloved wife.

There are so many unique photos in the book that one should put aside time to enjoy it at a leisurely pace. Its so full of information and history.

The following is a summary of the contents:


The Gold Standard by Martin Davis
The Ben Hogan I Knew by Valerie Hogan
Hogan Lore Strikes Again by Dan Jenkins
Swing Analysis by Jim McLean

Photography and Commentary

1940 North & South Open
1942 Masters
1942 Hale America Open
1946 Masters
1946 PGA Championship
1947 Ryder Cup
1948 PGA Championship
1948 United States Open
The Accident
1949 Masters Get-Well
1949 Ryder Cup
Los Angeles Open
1950 United States Open
1951 Masters
1951 United States Open
1951 Ryder Cup
1952 Masters Club
'Follow the Sun'
1953 Masters
1953 United States Open
1953 British Open
New York Celebrates
The Ben Hogan Award
'The Caddy'
1954 Masters
1955 Masters
1955 United States Open
1956 United States Open
1956 Canada Cup
'Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf'
1958 Masters Bridge Dedication
Colonial National Invitational
1965 Shell's Wonderful World of Golf
1967 Masters
1967 Ryder Cup
The Complete Hogan Record

I bet Tiger Woods has a copy as does Phil Mickelson. If not they can get a copy at the Ben Hogan Collection website: or on

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ben Hogan Golf Swing Instruction Software

Here is something much more fun for golfers to do than search for information on Hurrican Gustav or watching the Democratic National Convention.

The software titled 'The Swing Interactive' is part of the Ben Hogan Collection 3 DVD set as a Bonus feature. For anyone who wants to simply study Mr. Hogan's golf swing for instructional purposes or to improve their own method this is a great tool. One of the PGA Senior Tour pros called it brilliant after he received and used his copy. We the producers really enjoyed that comment for sure.

We took 4 swings from different views with different clubs performed by Mr. Hogan. The software allows the user to run it as a video slideshow or screensaver whereby the different swings are sequenced through after 5 repetitions of each. There are motion control buttons on the screen that allows the user to have a particular swing loop continuously at regular speed, run in slow motion, or even a click by click action that causes a still frame by still frame sequential viewing. This applies to all 4 swings. It is really a great tool.

I won't go into a discussion about what can be seen in Mr. Hogan's swing. Each golfer will be looking at different areas of his swing in order to learn something about his secrets. One can view this over and over and never get tired of it. It is mesmerizing in its effortless fluidity, grace, and power. Mr. Hogan could turn it on at 147 lbs in his prime and launch the old 1940's ball with his wooden headed driver 300 yards or more. When coming up through the caddy ranks the young Ben Hogan would win the long drive contests using a draw trajectory which he eventually abandoned for tournament play. Hogan favored a power fade for maximum control without giving up much in distance.

The software can be purchased separately or as part of the dvd set at

More about the 'Collection' in a later post.


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ben Hogan Quotes

Golf is full of tradition reaching back 500 years or so. That is one of the things of beauty about this sport that far surpasses most others in the media. As in most histories what is being done or said today most likely has been done or said countless times in the past 10,000 years.

Saying that, we tend to listen very closely to what certain individuals in history said or wrote as it somehow became part of our global memory for the ages.

Ben Hogan was one of those special people. When he spoke, people listened, not only because of the carefully crafted content, but because it was considered a rare occurrence throughout his career. When Hogan was playing or practicing people would just feel privileged to be able to watch him swing the golf club. That is one main reason we preserved so much for current and future generations of golfers in 'The Ben Hogan Collection' 3 DVD set and in the 'Swing Interactive Software.

During the research phase and production of the dvd set I managed to compile an extensive list of quotations attributed to Ben Hogan. I am hoping and assuming most are accurate but having to rely on 30 to 40 years of golf and sportswriters output can give one a bit of a cautious approach to verifying accuracy. That said, the quotes are classic and part of our wonderful golf lore. Here they are:

Hogan’s Famous Quotes

1. “There isn’t enough daylight in any one day to practice all the shots you need to.”
2. “Every day that I missed practicing takes me one day longer to be good.”
3. “I try to hit it on the third groove.”
4. “There are no seven iron shots at Merion.”
5. “Managing the Mystique.”
6. “You’ve got no friends out here”.
7. “… a well hit golf shot as a feeling that goes up the shaft, right into your hands-and into your heart.”
8. After hitting out of the water at the U.S. Open on #17 at Cherry Hills an official was worried about calling a penalty on Hogan if he had to pull out of the water and take a drop. “You wouldn’t have had to call a penalty on me, I would’ve called I on myself’.
9. “I’m the sole judge of my standards”.
10. “I always outworked everybody. Work never bothered me like it bothers some people. You can outwork the best player in the world.”
11. “Your away.”
12. “I didn’t know the yardage. I didn’t want to know the yardage. There are too many variables - the wind, the air density, how you’re playing that day. I would remember if I had been beside a certain tree or trap or something like that and what I hit and how I played that shot. I don’t think I could play by yardge.”
13. “They’re not good clubs. Throw them away.”
14. “Some of them (balls) have a little too much paint in the dimples.”
15. “He must be good (Jack Fleck), he uses Hogan clubs.”
16. “Merion meant the most because I proved I could still win.”
17. “I’m glad that I brought this course (Oakland Hills), this monster, to its knees.”
18. “If all the players had to qualify, I’d try to qualify with them, but as a four-time champion, if I’m not qualified to play in the Open by now, I never will be.” (About qualifying for the 1962 U.S. Open)
19. “Well, that’s why they make 18 holes” after double bogeying the first hole at the Colonial National Invitational
20. “Your name is the most important thing you own. Don’t ever do anything to disgrace or cheapen it.”
21. “I need it at Oakland Hills” (to Dan Jenkins about a punched choked down 3 iron of 155 yards).
22. “You always overclub downwind” (after hitting a downwind, bump-and-run 7 iron onto a green)
23. “You can probably swing a little faster if you try hard enough.”
24. “You never fight your eye when you look at a hole. If it looks one way, play it that way. Don’t make a big deal out of an easy shot.”
25. It’s a black and white thing. If it looks like it falls left to right, let it go left to right; if it looks like it falls right to left, let it go right to left.”
26. On a dogleg right, you don’t try to hook it, on a dogleg left don’t try to fade it.”
27. “When you practice try to find a situation to fit the shot you’re trying to practice
28. “I didn’t need a three” when asked why he didn’t go for the green in two on a reachable par five.
29. “If you have trajectory, you can get accuracy.”
30. “… the more I practice, the luckier I get.”
31. “If you don’t use it in your swing, don’t use it in your waggle. Why practice something you’re not going to use. Only use things that fit your golf swing.”
32. “I was a much better golfer before the accident than I ever was afterward.”
33. About Jack Nicklaus in 1960 at the U.S. Open, “Don’t feel sorry for me, I played with a kid today who could have won this Open by 10 shots.”
34. When asked how he wanted to be remembered, Hogan would answer, “As a gentleman.”
35. “There is no reason why a golfer can’t birdie every hole.”
36. After the accident, “Golf was my life. I didn’t want to give it up. So I went to work!”
37. “ I guess that takes care of this ‘Mr. Golf’ business” after posting 27 under par in the Portland Open and beating his friend Byron Nelson by 17 shots.
38. “Carefully replace the divot, son, because I plan to be here every round,” to his caddy during practice rounds at Merion in 1950.
39. “When I practiced, I practiced to get it right.”
40. “I don’t believe there is anything like a natural golf swing. A golf swing is an unnatural thing, and it has to be developed.”
41. “I am trying to play myself back in shape. I just haven’t had enough competition. I’m hitting the ball as well as I ever did, but I’ve lost the knack of scoring.”
42. ‘The basics of the swing remain the same, but I’m always experimenting, looking for better ways to hit finesse shots.’
43. ‘I never hit a shot on the course that I haven’t practiced.’
44. ‘I’m a curious person. Experimenting is my enjoyment. If something doesn’t work, some part of my swing or a club, I throw it out.’
45. ‘…I did dedicate myself to the game. And I loved every minute of it.’
46. ‘A lot of people don’t understand modesty. Not everybody wants publicity, you know.’
47. ‘It seems to me like we used ot have a more gracious life playing tournaments in those days. In many places we dressed for dinner, in dinner jackets. I cringe when I see fellas today walking into nice restaurants in golf clothes.’
48. ‘Competition improves people. Fifteen years from now the competition will be better still. You have to beat the competition. To do that you have to find a way. You have to have an edge.’
49. ‘The fundamentals of swinging are the same, but the technique of hitting the ball has improved, and the equipment is slightly better… not as much better as the individual and his technique.’
50. ‘All golf shots are missed to a degree. Today fewer are missed’
51. ‘The fella who starts today has a better chance to be a real good player than I did. The facts are all laid out for him. All you have to do is read and apply what you read through hard work.’
52. ‘I had to dig it out for myself. It took me from age 12 to 35, trying things, proving and disproving. But maybe that made me a better player, a better competitor. Most of the enjoyment in life is in improving.’
53. ‘I think all sports have to have leaders. One leader, with half the crowds coming to see him win and half to see him get beat. It’s hard to find that type of person. He’ll have to be an awful dedicated man.’
54. ‘I used to go in on my left leg as much as anybody, or more. …I used to play the ball up and go forward to catch it.’
55. ‘Golf and tournament golf are as different as baseball and hockey. I can’t describe the tournament feel you have to have… Call it toughness’‘I enjoy practicing and playing in tournaments. Besides, I haven’t really done what I wanted to do. I haven’t won enough tournaments.’

Enjoy the show!

Friday, August 22, 2008

The Ben Hogan Foundation Charity Donation on Ebay

The Ben Hogan Collection, with its host company McTee's Champions LLC, has designated The Ben Hogan Foundation as a recipient charity for donations from sales on Ebay. A seller can identify a charity such as the Foundation to automatically receive a percentage of each sale, with some credits from Ebay, on each sale. There is a minimum of $5.00 but a percentage can be designated if that is more appropriate for the seller.

The Foundation's information can be found at or to make a separate donation by contacting the Executive Director at 817.301.9934.

The Foundation is supporting various health and recreation charities as well as organizing funds for a new Ben Hogan Learning Center in Fort Worth Texas.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

U.S. Amateur Championship, Tiger Woods, Ricky Fowler, PGA Tour, Olympics

I actually cringed when I read a quote from Tiger Woods stating generally that he was not watching much golf on TV during his rehab time. The ratings for all those televised tournaments and championships worldwide have taken a plunge since his leave of absence and it probably would not have hurt to hear him say something supportive and positive about golf on TV. It might have spurred some interest from Tiger fans everywhere to know what he was watching and interested in besides the Ryder Cup. I am guessing that the PGA Tour would have loved to hear a better quote for their tour product.

Ricky Fowler is a heck of a player and sure looks like he has one of those world class short games. Watching him today on the Golf Channel showed what a great touch he had around the greens, savings pars from the rough behind a greenside bunker more than once in his strong showing for the match play win. So happens Golf Week had a nice pictorial on him as well this week. He was the winner of this years's Ben Hogan Award given to the best college player for the year. The presentation was at the Colonial Country Club right before the Colonial Tournament. Yours truly was there and saw to it that Mr. Fowler and the runner's up to the award each received a copy of 'The Ben Hogan Collection' 3 dvd pack and Interactive Software along with a copy of the book, 'The Man Behind the Mystique'. Its a sure bet he gets on tour and is successful pretty quick. At any rate I hope he watches the dvd's and reads the book. It will surely help him in his golfing career. Who best to learn from thatn Mr. Hogan!

Still watching the Olympics and really loving it as they say at McDonalds. I stopped dead in my tracks this morning when the floor dance routines came on and this beautiful woman working with a doggone hula-hoop put on the most dazzling dance routine. It was mesmerizing, athletic, and so graceful. A truly complete work of art in motion. I applaud her and hope she goes on to put on more performances for all the world to enjoy. I did not catch her name and I was too engrossed in the sheer pleasure of watching to remember to hit the record button on the Tivo device on the HD digital cable box. I surely wish I had. Maybe she will make a dvd or allow me to make it for her?

More soon!

Ben Hogan Collection to College Golf Coaches

We have put together a very special offer for the college golf coaches for their golf teams. Its very affordable and probably the best piece of instructional information a coach can give each of their team members. The letter sent to the women's golf team coaches is inserted below. A similar letter will be sent to the men's golf team coaches over the next month.

August 2008

Dear Golf Coach,
The Ben Hogan Collection wants to help your golf team WIN!
The legendary Ben Hogan conducted intensive research the golf swing for over 20 years before he was satisfied with the techniques he identified and used in tournament play. He then became the best golfer on the planet after WWII and a true champion. Mr. Hogan was, and still is, one of the most respected ball strikers in the history of the game. In 1957 he compiled his research findings in a book intended for all golfers titled, ‘Five Lessons, The Modern Fundamentals of Golf’. The book is still in print and has sold over 10 million copies. These timeless fundamentals continue to be the basis for modern golf instruction and used by Tour pros today.

‘The Ben Hogan Collection’ DVDs, authorized by the Hogan family and praised by Golf Digest, compiles extensive new and archival film of Mr. Hogan demonstrating his golf swing fundamentals. A detailed description and analysis of what Mr. Hogan did in his golf swing by Jim McLean is coupled with multiple, repetitive views using different clubs. Golfers learn and improve by watching excellent golf swings and from practicing, with guidance, what they see. Mr. Hogan wanted to help all golfers enjoy the game more by writing the ‘Five Lessons’ and he had a special fondness for helping younger players improve their games. Now your players can see the legendary master perform his golf swing skills on these films.

Now as a tribute to Ben Hogan’s legacy, work ethic and core life values, I have developed this SPECIAL OFFER to bring these visual images of Mr. Hogan to younger players that enjoy the game. This special affordable offer for your team and players is an outstanding value.

Get 3 copies of the Ben Hogan Collection DVD pack & Software for:
$99 with FREE shipping
(Normally $59.95 each)
The DVD pack includes: The Swing Revealed, The Swing Revealed 2, The Ben Hogan Legacy, and The Swing Interactive Software CD. Order by email, fax, or phone.
Cordially, Tom McCarthy, Producer
(See more product information at

Get 3 copies of the Ben Hogan Collection DVD pack & Software for:
$99 with FREE shipping
(Normally $59.95 each)

The DVD pack includes: The Swing Revealed, The Swing Revealed 2, The Ben Hogan Legacy, and The Swing Interactive Software CD. Order by email, fax, or phone.

Cordially, Tom McCarthy, Producer
(See more product information at

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ben Hogan, Arnold Palmer, Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, and now Michael Phelps

One of the interesting stories in the Ben Hogan 'Legacy' dvd, part of 'The Ben Hogan Collection' 3 dvd pack concerns Mr. Hogan's role in establishing the legal basis for the fair use of an athlete's name and image in sports marketing and advertising.

Back in the mid 1950's so the story goes from Mr. Hogan's attorney there was no legal basis for protecting the rights of athletes and other person's of fame from having their image and name used by other entities for marketing and advertising purposes without the benefit of permission or compensation. Well, a book publisher, who happened to have previously published one of Mr. Hogan's golf instruction books, went on to publish another golf book using Mr. Hogan's name in the book and in marketing activities. They did not seek or receive Mr. Hogan's permission resulting in a lawsuit against the publisher. The basis for the suit was a person's rights to privacy. Mr. Hogan won the suit and a modest settlement.

However, the real benefit was that now there was a legal basis for requiring permission and/or compensation to the individual for the use of their name and likeness. Mr. Hogan went on to endorse many products in his lifetime and was compensated for them fairly. Even to this day, his name and likeness is protected by this legal finding, benefitting the Hogan Estate, family members, and endorsed charities.

Probably no one endorsed more products during his career than Arnold Palmer. If one visits the Palmer exhibit at the World Golf Hall of Fame or at the new museum at the USGA's Golf House one can only marvel at the extent and number and diversity of products that the golf's King endorsed.

Tiger Woods may not endorse as many at this point but his financial endorsement deals are marvelous and quite selective. He may eventually catch up to Palmer but he has a long way to go. I just wish he would give his regal nod to our 'Collection'! I would be glad to give him a free copy for himself and those he designates to receive one!

Now, Michael Phelps, the wonder of the Olympics is about to embark on this lucrative path of endorsements and appearance fees. His dedication and achievements in his sport truly supports his earning it. I hope he thinks to thank his lucky stars and Ben Hogan!

And on another note, I am not clear why all the sports writers and some golf announcers are so against golf at the Olympics. It will increase their travel budgets every four years. I do think the best players in the world world in golf would love to win an Olympic Golf medal. I know I would and I bet Ben Hogan would have given it a go. He would have put it in a place of honor in the trophy case next to his 5 US Open medals and his Open trophy. The term 'the best golfer on the planet' was something Mr. Hogan liked to hear in the next breath after the name 'Mr. Golf'.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Ben Hogan Collection Video Vault

The Ben Hogan Collection has a video vault on its website. The vault is open for inspection on a free two week trial basis before a reguest for payment of a subscription fee is sent to the customer. The vault is competing with YouTube for containing the most viewable film clip images of Mr. Hogan swinging various golf clubs in various settings from differerent years in his career. Many of the clips are also found the in the 3 DVD pack 'The Ben Hogan Collection' that includes the Swing Interactive Software that features Mr. Hogan.

Web traffic is consistent at the site and there are a significant number of customers of the vault that signed on over the past year since it went active on the website.

The idea of getting a site sponsorship has been discussed. The producers are open to turning the video vault into a free web service when sponsorship arrangements can be made allowing extensive enhancements to the content of the site. Contact should be made with the producer at

Currently the producers are in the pre-production phase of developing the new dvd from 'Five Lessons, The Modern Fundamentals of Golf', by Ben Hogan and Anthony Ravielli and Herbert Warren Wind. The 3D computer graphics to be employed in the production will include motion capture technology for a truly exciting, instructional, and entertaining experience. A Ben Hogan Avatar will be created that demonstrates Mr. Hogan's golf swing from unlimited points of view using Ravielli's pen and ink drawings as a basis for the renderings. Additional high definition art work on some renderings will make the various renderings truly life-like.

Mr. Hogan's Avatar will be able to show in detail his 'Secret' and all the fundamentals he describes in his book. Production will begin once a suitable production company is selected by the parent companies, Classic Sports Brands and McTee's Champions LLC.

More on these topics later.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Left Handed Golfers - National Left Handers Day

Today is National Left Handers Day I am told by the media folks. I guess us right handers get the rest of the days of the year? Just kidding with you.

I would like to point out a couple of great video resources for those left handed golfers out there that would like to see THE GOLF SWING ROLE MODEL, instead of Phil or Steve who are on the PGA Tour now.

I have posted a video of Ben Hogan swinging the a driver in a left handed view courtesy of some computer software magic. It is on YouTube at

I have also included several left handed versions of the video clips of Mr. Hogan in the 'Video Vault' located on our website. There is a free trial period so it won't cost anything to view them for a couple of weeks. You can then opt out of the credit card payment at that time and you won't be charged if you choose not to continue the service.

The left handed version is nice if you are able to look in a mirror at the same time as your reflection looks just like Mr. Hogan on the video clip. Pretty neat instructional perspective.

I wonder who looks like Mr. Hogan from the left hand side that is on tour now?

Anniversary of Ben Hogan's Birthday

Today is the anniversary of Ben Hogan's Birthday. Mr. Hogan came from very modest roots and transformed his life through hard work, perserverence, and focus. His Legacy goes beyond his accomplishments in golf and is a true model for the humans that live and will be born on this earth in the future. And, for all of his accomplishments, he would most like to be remembered as a 'gentleman'. Thank you Mr. Hogan.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

YouTube and The Ben Hogan Collection

In general I think that YouTube is a fantastic new piece of consumer technology that is both fun, educational, and entertaining. I have wondered through it many times, mostly to view various golf swings of great players, commercials, and bits from upcoming movies.

There has been a rash of users however that are careless in their use of this new medium by posting copyright material without the permission or even the knowledge of the copyright owner. I have contacted some individuals that posted portions of The Ben Hogan Collection 3 pack DVD production to request that they remove those postings. Some have and some have not. I am in the process of contacting some other individuals to do the same and hope for good compliance with my request. It is one thing to make a post like that of a small portion of a copyrighted production for informational and educational purposes but not at all legal or morally correct to post large segments or an entire work.

In some respects these postings provide what they call viral advertising for the works. That sometimes is very beneficial to a producer and the production company. Recouping production costs is important on large budget works. Obviously it is not beneficial when the whole work is free for the viewing. In fact, I have posted on YouTube the advertisements, 3 one minute video spots that used to appear on The Golf Channel and Fox Sports Net. I intend to post some additional snippets as well. Eventually, I would like to have most of the videos from the production on the website: for viewing and allow for sponsorship to help support the effort.

Other works showing videos of Ben Hogan are on YouTube inappropriately. There are several bits from In Pursuit of Perfection, The Golf Channel's work on Ben Hogan, and the Shell's Wonderful World of Golfs production of the match between Hogan and Snead. Hogan went on to win that match quite nicely. He just plain hit every green and every fairway in regulation. Why is it so impossible for the PGA Tour professionals to do that now. Aren't they bigger, stronger, better instructed, videod, and analyzed, armed with space age equipment, etc. Maybe just not enough dirt under their grooves.

So, wish me luck!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Finding 'The Ben Hogan Collection'

A dedicated golfer recently asked me where he could purchase a copy of 'The Ben Hogan Collection' 3 DVD pack and Software CD.

I gave the usual answer that comes to me quickly and that is to visit the website and purchase a copy online. The site is listed as

It occurred to me that there are quite a few retail shops that carry 'The Collection' since it was released in early part of 2007. Most of the online golf retailers carry it. They get their copies from our distributors including The Booklegger and Victory Multimedia. These online retailers include Sports Authority, Amazon, Dick's Sporting Goods, Golfsmith, Golf Universe, etc.

The store sites include Roger Dunn's, Golf Etc, Edwin Watts, Golfsmith, Nevada Bob's, Alf's, and many others around the country.

Many folks, actually more than half of all shoppers like to put their hands on products before they buy them. At the websites though, one can see some clips of what is included in the DVD pack for sample viewing.

Also, just to make note here for readers, everyone that has received a copy and viewed has liked 'The Collection' very much. The term 'fantastic' is often used. It's also very affordable and a great value at $59.95.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Golf Swing Improvement

While at the driving range practicing to improve my swing fundamentals I met a fellow that had just started playing within the last year or so. He was in the stall next to me and kept saying what a good swing I had even though in my opinion it works well sometimes but is something I want to improve upon. At any rate, I was hitting some pretty decent golf shots.

After a couple of rest periods in the heat down here in Miami at 3 in the afternoon, I finally broke down and did what I typically don't do and that is to give advice to another golfer. I had never met this fellow before but it was obvious that he was surely afflicted with the great game. He wanted to improve.

So, I gave him three pieces of advice. Study the greats and spend a little time each day working on improving your fundamentals of the golf swing and take a series of lessons concentrating onputting and your short game from 60 yards to the pin. I told him to spend the $10-15 on 'The Five Lessons, The Modern Fundamentals of Golf" by Ben Hogan and spend the $60 or so to buy the 'Ben Hogan Collection' 3 DVD set and software CD. I told him he would not regret it and that it would be the best $$ he could spend on golf ever. Of course, he already had his matched set of clubs, etc. and was spending regularly on practice balls at the range. Not a real push on truth from my perspective, that's for sure.

I let him know that almost every golf professional marvels at Mr. Hogan's golf swing, tries to emulate it in some ways, and most assuredly has a copy of the 'Five Lessons'. They would have read it a lot of times in their search for improvement.

I might see him again some day at the range and maybe not. But, I am confident that I had done one of those good things and helped someone else play golf better in the future. If they buy the book, if they practice, and if they watch Mr. Hogan on the dvds. Not really a tall order for someone who looked like they loved the game.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Buy the Ben Hogan Company

This is an open appeal to Tiger Woods to make a much needed call and buy the Ben Hogan Company from Callaway. You can have Nike revitalize it as a great golf company producing golf products of the highest quality, something for which it was known for decades. I could do it myself but they would probably take your call and listen to your offer over my efforts. I would guess others have tried to do this but with little success. Its definitely a challenge.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Olympics in the future for golf?

The debate on golf in the Olympics is taking a more serious turn it seems now that China is showing some growth in facilities and people who enjoy golf. Golf in the Olympics seems like a natural. It is now a game that is truly enjoyed world wide in so many countries and seems to be growing at a rapid pace outside the US. There are some questions.

The biggest questions is when? 4, 8, 12 years from this summer's games?

What would the format be? Stroke play, match play, teams?

How does a country select its teams? World golf rankings, competitions as qualifiers?

Would they have to be amateurs or allow professionals to compete? Now there's an easy answer!

What about the ball? Will there be an Olympic ball with specific requirements that allows each manufacturer to produce it for their sponsored player? Logos on the ball? This one could be tricky as there are patents and legal issues to resolve. Maybe in 8 years the legal battles would be resolved. What about other equipment?

What will the governing rules be for the games? USGA or a special set of rules for the Olympics? They change a lot of rules for basketball. Will they need to do so for the Olympics?

Will Tiger Woods be there?

What country will Ernie Els play for?

Will the rules and venues be the same for women?

Will the top players in the world show up? Some players don't like to travel the world, others love it as a way of life. Kenny Perry comes to mind as does Ben Hogan. Perry sits out the British Open. Ben Hogan was finally convinced by his friends and legends of the game to play the Open Championship in 1953 before it was revived as a substantially well known and respected event in the US. Gary Player used to spend most of his sleeping time during any given day on a plane travelling the world to play and win his beloved game. Phil Mickelson is now becoming a globe trotter for the game. The fellows that play on the PGA Tour have not been heard yell a resounding yes to the Olympics even though the Commissioner has endorsed golf in the Olympics.

What will the role of the PGA, PGA Tour, USGA, LPGA, PGA sections, NCAA, etc. be in the selection and rules process?

Will there be 'official' Olympic training site(s)? Will they be selected based on the types of grass used, the types of greens, their championship venue characteristics? Bent or Bermuda?

Where will the competitions be held? A good guess would be a Jack Nicklaus design golf course and if not his, the Pete Dye will have his mark on it.

Who will be the coache(s)? What will the coaches teaching philosophy and technique? Five Lessons, The Modern Fundamentals of Golf, Stack and Tilt, McLean's 8 Step Swing, Faults and Fixes?

And last but not least, will I get to go and see this wonderful event!?

Monday, July 14, 2008


Must we look at tournament wins and other golf records with an asterisk? Why yes, because one of the greatest players that ever lived did not play in them. Even though the best golfers of the time played in them and one of them would win or set a new record we need to get our asterisk stamp pad and ink it up. I agree with the golf pundits who keep talking about this on air and in print and now in cyberspace. Any tournament that Ben Hogan did not play in should have an asterisk, woops, I mean Tiger Woods, woops, I mean Bobby Jones. Now I am all confused. Maybe all tournament wins should have asterisks and explain why it was or wasn't a 'normal' tournament. I guess that includes those tournaments that happened even before Tigber was born and at some point when he hangs up his spikes. Or should it be a double asterisk if Jack did not play? Heck, none of them can count unless we mention that Ben Hogan probably would have won it anyway.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Golf on TV, missing Tiger Woods, Five Lessons - The Modern Fundamentals of Golf dvd

Great golf on TV this weekend, from the Scottish Open with players getting a taste of golf in the old country, the John Deer Classic with a playoff won but a really hot player, Kenny Perry, and the LPGA Jamie Farr tournament. Mickelson looked like he was having fun out on the golf course as usual and hit a lot of nice shots. It looked like practice rounds for him.

Perry did a nice job of nailing the playoff on the birdie putt while everyone else went wet. He is playing spectacularly and will be a strong presence on our Ryder Cup Team. He definitely looked like he knows how to win. And, he probably won't take any guff or be intimidated by Azinger, his captain. That guy needs to lighten up.

Paula Creamer is a darling to watch in the hunt or out front. I did have to chuckle when she threw down her club yesterday and ended up on the green for a birdie putt. She has pretty high expections. The pink golf ball does look a little odd as another golf writer observed recently. She is getting to be a consistent leader board player and frequent winner. The LPGA is showing us some great golf overall and perfectly enjoyable on TV.

I did miss seeing Tiger out there but think that he also missed being out there playing those other guys as well. Maybe not this tournament per se but just the same, watching and knowing you can't play even though you want to must be tough. Being out for months like he will is a pretty severe sentence for over training during rehab!

I am pleased that The Ben Hogan Collection and will be producing and eventually carrying the Five Lessons dvd. Along with Classic Golf Brands and their original Ravielli drawings the production will be truly a symphony of modern computer graphics, motion capture technology, and classic golf instruction and golf art.

The pre production process is in full swing with an outline for the RFP for the technical production aspects completed. The RFP will be going out in the near future and expect that this great new golf classic will appeal those interested in movie making and golf. The very same technologies that is used to make the more recent blockbuster movies should fit very well with the Five Lessons story on dvd. I have great visions for this production.

Right now the extensive amount of new and archival video of Ben Hogan that can be found in 'The Ben Hogan Collection' gives any student of the game a great video model to observe and learn technique. Mr. Hogan was a master shotmaker and all round perfectionist and his golf swing is the very well displayed in these dvds.

Well, for now, back to working on my golf swing and shot making.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

US Open

The supreme test of golf's finest players. Ben Hogan set the winning standards for the US Open, for golf fundamentals in his 'Five Lessons', for the winning work ethic, and pure determination, all of which are now emulated by today's top professional tour players (Tiger Woods, Adam Scott, and even Phil Mickelson).

The new website and other sites one can watch and even participate in the great game this week. We are thrilled whenever golf's commentators talk about Ben Hogan and his contributions to the game. We filmed at Golf House for the 'Legacy' documentary production that is part of 'The Ben Hogan Collection' 3 DVD set. It is truly a inspiring compilation of Mr. Hogan's life history. An amazing exhibit at the time and now with the Arnold Palmer addition the site should be visited by all golfers as its very inspirational as well as informative.