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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Golf on TV, missing Tiger Woods, Five Lessons - The Modern Fundamentals of Golf dvd

Great golf on TV this weekend, from the Scottish Open with players getting a taste of golf in the old country, the John Deer Classic with a playoff won but a really hot player, Kenny Perry, and the LPGA Jamie Farr tournament. Mickelson looked like he was having fun out on the golf course as usual and hit a lot of nice shots. It looked like practice rounds for him.

Perry did a nice job of nailing the playoff on the birdie putt while everyone else went wet. He is playing spectacularly and will be a strong presence on our Ryder Cup Team. He definitely looked like he knows how to win. And, he probably won't take any guff or be intimidated by Azinger, his captain. That guy needs to lighten up.

Paula Creamer is a darling to watch in the hunt or out front. I did have to chuckle when she threw down her club yesterday and ended up on the green for a birdie putt. She has pretty high expections. The pink golf ball does look a little odd as another golf writer observed recently. She is getting to be a consistent leader board player and frequent winner. The LPGA is showing us some great golf overall and perfectly enjoyable on TV.

I did miss seeing Tiger out there but think that he also missed being out there playing those other guys as well. Maybe not this tournament per se but just the same, watching and knowing you can't play even though you want to must be tough. Being out for months like he will is a pretty severe sentence for over training during rehab!

I am pleased that The Ben Hogan Collection and will be producing and eventually carrying the Five Lessons dvd. Along with Classic Golf Brands and their original Ravielli drawings the production will be truly a symphony of modern computer graphics, motion capture technology, and classic golf instruction and golf art.

The pre production process is in full swing with an outline for the RFP for the technical production aspects completed. The RFP will be going out in the near future and expect that this great new golf classic will appeal those interested in movie making and golf. The very same technologies that is used to make the more recent blockbuster movies should fit very well with the Five Lessons story on dvd. I have great visions for this production.

Right now the extensive amount of new and archival video of Ben Hogan that can be found in 'The Ben Hogan Collection' gives any student of the game a great video model to observe and learn technique. Mr. Hogan was a master shotmaker and all round perfectionist and his golf swing is the very well displayed in these dvds.

Well, for now, back to working on my golf swing and shot making.

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