Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Gary Player and Ben Hogan Practiced for FUN.

Awhile back Gary Player wrote an article about practicing golf.  His conclusion was that whatever time you have to devote to practice you should practice with a purpose.  One of the remarks in the article quoted Mr. Hogan,

"Make sure you practice hard.  I never stop practicing"

Hogan also was caught on camera stating that he loved to practice.  It must have been fun for him to practice.  If I could hit the ball like he did I guess I would enjoy it more!  Hogan must have had some tricks up his sleeve when he practiced.  Here is one.  Again, in an interview he told the reporter that he always played a course twice in one day.  Once for the score in a tournament and once before he went out on the course.  He played the entire course, all the shots he believed he would be using, on the practice tee.  He created the images in his mind and then hit the shot needed for the situation.  The legend had a great imagination and put it to good use.

Hogan's book tells you what to practice to improve your swing.  The new 5 Lessons apps for the iPhone and iPad (and Android phones and pads) will put this at your fingertips at your practice area.

Have Fun!