Wednesday, June 11, 2008

US Open

The supreme test of golf's finest players. Ben Hogan set the winning standards for the US Open, for golf fundamentals in his 'Five Lessons', for the winning work ethic, and pure determination, all of which are now emulated by today's top professional tour players (Tiger Woods, Adam Scott, and even Phil Mickelson).

The new website and other sites one can watch and even participate in the great game this week. We are thrilled whenever golf's commentators talk about Ben Hogan and his contributions to the game. We filmed at Golf House for the 'Legacy' documentary production that is part of 'The Ben Hogan Collection' 3 DVD set. It is truly a inspiring compilation of Mr. Hogan's life history. An amazing exhibit at the time and now with the Arnold Palmer addition the site should be visited by all golfers as its very inspirational as well as informative.