Friday, December 23, 2011

Announcing 'The Complete Hogan' by Jim McLean

The legacy of Ben Hogan was recognized by the publisher John Wiley and Son's as an outstanding theme on a new book.  Here it is, a photo of my advanced copy of the book.  It looks great and as Jim states ' very powerful' and 'unique'.  I worked with Jim McLean and the terrific folks at Wiley for two years from concept to yesterday when it came in the mail.  Included are lots of personal insights and stories from Jim about Mr. Hogan and many of his competitor friends and rivals.  The book is a blend of film study and photo swing sequences from the legend's competitive prime years.  I do believe our efforts will help all players who are or will be working on their golf swings so they can continue to enjoy the most rewarding game on the planet. 

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Doral Golf Resort and Spa on the sales block - again

Looks like Doral is going to be sold again.  Not sure that is good news.  Maybe for the new owner it sure could be.  Not sure the members are too happy about it all.  There could be major changes to the venue including a redesign to the practice range, rerouting some of the courses/holes, and a shopping center where the Great White sits.  Ouch!  Signs of the economy or just good business.

So who has $200 million to sign on the dotted line.  I read an article indicating Donald Trump was buying it but apparently there is still room for someone else to own the resort and all its goodies.  Three golf courses, a resort complex, practice range, tennis center, new ball room/business center, sophisticated spa, renouned Jim McLean Golf School location, jogging trails, fishing lakes (including bass, snook) for the angler.  Let me check my savings account!

Sure hope its all for the better.....

Ben Hogan's Legacy shines brightly in 2011.

The city of Fort Worth is beaming this December with the announcement that their municipal golf course complex is the site of their successful First Tee Program and the location for the Grand Opening of the Ben Hogan Learning Center.  Several press releases over the past few weeks point to a December 10 opening date and a funders dinner on December 8.  It should be quite a gala on both dates.  You can access more information about it from the Ben Hogan Foundation website at  

New Book!  We have been diligently working on some projects that will complement Mr. Hogan's Legacy.  The first is the publishing of the new instructional book The Complete Hogan (Wiley and Sons) in January 2012.  Author and renouned golf instructor Jim McLean presents a complete description of Mr. Hogan's excellent golf swing from the golden years of 1946-49 prior to the catastrophic accident.  Its a terrific accounting and visual demonstration of his swing from multiple views.  There is a view for the 'lefty' golfer as well.  I am excited that we are bringing this out for everyone to enjoy and learn from. Also included are numerous interesting stories that Jim has picked up over the years from taling to Mr. Hogan's friends and fellow competitors. 

Sunday, March 13, 2011