Saturday, June 15, 2013

Ben Hogan Fundamentals to Help the Next 10 Ryder Cup Teams from USA

This new post includes rare 8mm film footage of Ben Hogan hitting a driver.  The film was shot at the Augusta National Golf Club, site of the Masters Tournament.  Mr. Hogan's swing is spot lighted from the hips down to show is core and legwork, a key fundamental action of his unique golf swing that garners praise for the past 70 years and will on into the future.  Only the finest players on the PGA Tour and other professional tours from around the world have shown a semblance of capturing this exquisite move.  It encompasses a studied setup position, a one piece takeaway, a loading of the right leg and hip, an extended lateral move, and a pulling through the downswing with the legs/hips/core/ to the end of the downswing.  It results in Hogan's classic whip action seen in his swing, especially in the late 1940's when he was a bit younger and did not have extensive body damage as a result of the accident.  The snapping action of his hips is followed all the way through to the end of his swing.  It ensures acceleration of the clubhead well past the ball and hitting area.  Mr. Hogan won 5 US Opens with this swing and its earlier versions.  He completed the Hogan Slam in 1953.

Study this video closely if you will.  It will help your understanding of what Hogan did.  If you are a younger player it will do you great benefits and who knows, maybe a spot on one of the next Ryder Cup Teams.  A good reference is the analysis by Jim McLean in 'The Complete Hogan, A Shot by Shot Analysis of Golf's Greatest Swing."  McLean does a good job explaining the swing action and the 'feel' of the action.  Mr. Hogan talks about this move in 'The Five Lessons, The Modern Fundamentals of Golf' as well.  In my teaching, I work with my students to capture this movement as best they can to improve their golf swings and shot making.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Ben Hogan Swing Revealed CD Software

I had posted this demo film clip to Facebook awhile back and it was well received.  It shows some of the features of the software CD showing different views for four swings by Ben Hogan showcasing his fundamentals.  The time frame includes 1948 as well as 1967.  The swings are a bit different as a result of the accident and aging but the grace and power of his fundamentally correct swing are all there.  The user can view each in a frame by frame mode with reverse ability, continuous loop on a selection, and a slow motion mode.  Otherwise, it automatically cycles through the sections after showing a repetition of five for each swing.  It is available on Amazon and titled 'The Swing Interactive Software - Ben Hogan (CD-ROM)' at a sale price of $6.95.  It installs easily in a couple of minutes on all Windows based computers (not Apple iOS) systems.

I turn this on and watch it regularly and I'll bet you will too.  Have fun with it!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Ben Hogan Collection Software -Windows Version

A unique part of the Ben Hogan Collection DVD set was the additional software we included.  It loads easily  from the CD and has an icon for the desktop.  There are 4 different swings from various angles.  It includes a swing from the late 1940's as well as 3 others from the 1967 Masters.  The control buttons allows the user to run through the swing selections automatically, pick one for slow motion, or for frame by frame and back up frame by frame analysis, or a continuous loop on a selected swing.  Simple to use and oh so mesmerizing to watch Ben Hogan display his flawless golf swing.

Here is a little demo:

Friday, May 31, 2013

A Secret to Ben Hogan's golf club head acceleration

An image from 'The Complete Hogan' page 94.  At impact his right arm was still bent and does not fully straighten until the club head is about 2 feet past the original ball position.  The club head was continuing to accelerate THROUGH impact and past that point.  Jim McLean points out that initially Ken Venturi identified this action as 'the long right arm' on Hogan's downswing.  Hogan clearly addresses this action in his book, 'Five Lessons, The Modern Fundamentals of Golf'.  PGA Tour professionals including Tiger Woods strive to achieve this secret move on their downswing.  If they show some video clips of Hogan during this year's US Open at Merion CC on the Golf Channel you will get to see what this looks like on TV.

Monday, May 27, 2013

The Ben Hogan Setup Tip

One of Ben Hogan's setup positions was the cupping of the left wrist at address while keeping the right wrist flat.  This helped to prevent a hook.  The picture above is from 'The Complete Hogan' on page 63.  Jim McLean provides a good description in this section of the book regarding the other setup keys Hogan used in his pre-accident swing.  You can see the lean of the grip part of the club shaft away from the target as he begins the backswing in the series of photos in the book.  This action is part of the big muscle swing Mr. Hogan described in his Five Lessons book and in Power Golf.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Swing Tips from the Ben Hogan Collection

Moving forward in addition to news and information about the Ben Hogan Legacy and current events we will be bringing you a variety of swing tips and related images from our analysis of Ben Hogan's golf swing.  Since these are generally true fundamentals of a good swing we will be referencing Mr. Hogan's books such as 'Power Golf' and 'Five Lessons, The Modern Fundamentals of Golf' as well as 'The Complete Hogan'.  We will also try to include photo images and video images that support the swing tip and fundamentals discussed.

A great resource of videos for those interested in maintaining their own study materials is 'The Ben Hogan Collection' DVD set that we produced and released in 2006.  Along with Jim McLean we completed the new book 'The Complete Hogan' in 2012 that gives a good description of Mr. Hogan's swing from the period before the 1949 accident and after he found his 'secret' that led to his domination of the professional tour in the late 1940's and his crowning achievements in the 1950's.

This effort is for everyone that is working on improving their golf swing and who wants to play better golf.  So, here is a quote from Ben Hogan's Five Lessons:

'The correct hitting motion is one unbroken thrust from the beginning of the downswing to the end of the follow through.'

Saturday, May 4, 2013

New Ben Hogan Accessories Available Now

New Ben Hogan Accessories

The new caps from the Ben Hogan Company (Perry Ellis) are finally out in the market.  Many of the styles are available at your local Walmart in the men's performance apparel section.  The styles are new and there are some new wrinkles in the modern fabrics used that are performance tech based.  If you can't get them at your local store contact me directly at

There are more accessories in the design stage.  I spoke with the marketing and design teams recently and the excitement level is quite high and the items are going to represent the Hogan legacy very nicely.  I will post photos as soon as I can release them.  

If you notice on two of the hats they used the iconic Merion photo as the model for the logo on the cap.  Very innovative of the design team.  

As you may have already noticed Mark Leishman on the PGA Tour has been sporting the apparel line.  The shirts are the Ben Hogan Performance Collection line.  

Friday, April 19, 2013

Not only did Marc Leishman perform in an excellent and honorable fashion at the Masters Tournament last week, now he is again in contention at Harbour Town with a 4 birdie and bogie free round.  He is two shots off the pace set by Brian Davis.  A steady performance throughout the week might land him another win on the PGA Tour.  A very nice outcome for the new Ben Hogan PERFORMANCE apparel brand.  Leishman is the Tour Staff ambassador for the Hogan Brand.  Hope to see him wear one of the new Hogan headwear soon!  

Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Masters - Link for live broadcast

If you want to watch the Masters during the day and have some sort of internet connection you can watch it live using the link below.  The clarity is stunning and there are several options for different cameras placed on the course for this purpose.  I am amazed at how far technology has advanced and been used by Augusta National to bring the crown jewel of golf championships to golfers and sports lovers around the world.  Thank you members of Augusta National Golf Club and your Chairman Billy Payne and staff.

Ben Hogan and Arnold Palmer at the Masters

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Ben Hogan Apparel at The Masters with Marc Leishman

Marc Leishman will be sporting the Masters Tournament clothing selections for the new Ben Hogan Apparel from Perry Ellis.  Below is a picture of what he will be wearing each day of the tournament.  This is the performance apparel category with other lines forthcoming in the coming months according to sources.  Looking forward to watching the Masters and seeing Marc out trying to win it from all the other major contenders like Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Keegan Bradley, Bubba Watson, all those South African players, and the 14 year old prodigy from China!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Ben Hogan Brand Again at The Masters

Ben Hogan Brand Again at The Masters this year.  Marc Leishman the talented Australian (Rookie of the Year a couple of years ago) will be sporting some new Ben Hogan Apparel.  I expect it to look great!  Perry Ellis International who now owns the Ben Hogan brand after purchasing it last year from Callaway Golf is enthusiastic about bringing the Hogan quality into the 21st Century.  Look for the blaze logo and the Ben Hogan name at The Masters and around the country.