Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Fantastic Gift Offer from the Ben Hogan Collection with help from Revolution Golf folks.  This offer as well as the digital media apps in the iTunes and Android Marketplace for the Ben Hogan 5 Lessons apps makes for quite a selection great items for anyone who has ever picked up a golf club. 

Think about it.  The players with the best records like Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods praised Hogan's swing.  Some of the best players on the planet have used Hogan as their swing model.  You can too!


Happy Holidays everyone!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Gary Player and Ben Hogan Practiced for FUN.

Awhile back Gary Player wrote an article about practicing golf.  His conclusion was that whatever time you have to devote to practice you should practice with a purpose.  One of the remarks in the article quoted Mr. Hogan,

"Make sure you practice hard.  I never stop practicing"

Hogan also was caught on camera stating that he loved to practice.  It must have been fun for him to practice.  If I could hit the ball like he did I guess I would enjoy it more!  Hogan must have had some tricks up his sleeve when he practiced.  Here is one.  Again, in an interview he told the reporter that he always played a course twice in one day.  Once for the score in a tournament and once before he went out on the course.  He played the entire course, all the shots he believed he would be using, on the practice tee.  He created the images in his mind and then hit the shot needed for the situation.  The legend had a great imagination and put it to good use.

Hogan's book tells you what to practice to improve your swing.  The new 5 Lessons apps for the iPhone and iPad (and Android phones and pads) will put this at your fingertips at your practice area.

Have Fun!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ben Hogan's Masters Tournament Gift - 1965

Ben Hogan received this gift from the Masters Tournament in 1965.  It must have been a tradition for the tournament host to give various gifts each year.  This one looks like a tope measure, a pair of pliers, and a little hatchet.  I wonder if Mr. Hogan ever used them around the house.  This was part of a display by the his family at Shady Oaks Country Club, site of the Ben Hogan Invitational, a yearly even held in September each year and benefitting the Ben Hogan Foundation and the Henry House Charities.  Look them up, they deserve support for the wonderful things they are doing in Fort Worth.

I took the picture and you can see some of my shadow on the glass case.  It was a great day for the tournament at Shady.  Colonial Country Club is also close by and the clubhouse has a terrific new exhibit about Mr. Hogan. 


Ben Hogan Golf Swing - Early 1950's

A great picture by Life Magazine photographers of Ben Hogan's swing at the transition point.  The position of the right arm and hands on the club are perfect.  The location I is Tamarisk CC. 

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Ben Hogan Locker

I took this photo a couple of years ago when visiting the Golf House Museum at the USGA.  Its part of the Ben Hogan Exhibit.  They have expanded the museum to add a large Arnold Palmer exhibit as well.  I would guess that someday there will be a Jack Nicklaus Exhibit as well as a Tiger Woods Exhibit.  The clubs in the photo are tournament used by Mr. Hogan and the wardrobe was donated by the Hogan family.

March Magic

March is such a great month.  Spring breaks for the kids from school and the mini vacations with the younger ones and the huge parties for the older ones.  March Madness NCAA basketball and the NIT to mix sports viewing with tournament golf and even NASCAR events.  A lot of sport on TV and in our local venues in Florida.  Grapefruit league baseball gives us a chance to see the stars up close during spring training and its a lot easier to get an autograph.  The weather can be unpredictable but if lucky you can enjoy the outdoors. 

And getting in the mood for the Masters Tournament.

Getting ready for the spring and summer golf instructional season at Doral. 

The 5 Lessons, Modern Fundamentals of Golf projects (iPad and tablet apps and the iPhone and mobile phone apps) are taking off in the marketplace as well as the new book,'The Complete Hogan'.  The Ben Hogan Collection 3 DVD box set is still a hot seller.  I guess I have been busier than I realized.

Here are some open questions:

And where in the heck is Peyton Manning today?  Where will he play?

When will Tiger win again? 

Will the Miami Dolphins finally get a top notch quarterback?

Will the Miami Marlins fix the parking problem at the new stadium?

Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Complete Hogan will help you have more fun smashing the golf ball

We all love to smash the golf ball.  Some folks do it with better swings than others and the result is a great big thrill from hitting hit far and under control.  This book, The Complete Hogan, simply shows you how Ben Hogan hit the golf ball with power and precision.  There are plenty of photos to show details of his swing and exceptional analysis by Jim McLean to help direct your attention to the details.  Its one of those must haves for your golf library. 

Ben Hogan's 5 Lessons iPad and Tablet app

Here is Ben Hogan's backswing as shown in the 5 Lessons application.  For the life of me I don't know why so many golfers listen to TV golf announcers instead of golf teaching professional instructors.  I am certain most would agree that the fundamentals and the drawings Hogan introduced in 1957 are still valid and a terrific standard to accomplish.  It makes golf FUN to hit the ball better. 

Saturday, February 25, 2012


The Ben Hogan company created a great commercial with Mr. Hogan.  This is just a part of it and shows Mr. Hogan's SWING at a later time in his life.  He did like the color yellow as I have some videos of Mr. Hogan practicing at Augusta National for the Masters Tournament in 1968. 

Monday, January 2, 2012

Announcing 'The Complete Hogan' by Jim McLean

The new 'The Complete Hogan' by Jim McLean from Wiley and Sons is now available in Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, Books A Million, etc.  The hard copy is terrific and it is also available for digital downloads on the Amazon Kindle and the Barnes & Noble Nook.  The instruction emphasis is descriptive of Mr. Hogan's prime swing motion from the late 1940's when he was winning everything and called Mr. Golf by the press.  There is well over 100 photos taken as stills from actual film from that time period.  Its the best swing photo sequencing of Mr. Hogan's classic legendary swing.  It took over two hears from concept to completion of the work. 

Anyone who has ever swung a golf club will enjoy this photo sequence analysis of Ben Hogan's golf swing.  Whether its wishful thinking, nastalgia, or part of an effort to improve a golf swing I think the book will provide lasting benefits, enjoyment, and appreciation.

This is the cover and back cover slides.  It should be on the shelves in bookstores by now and can be downloaded digitally at any time.