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Friday, August 29, 2008

Ben Hogan Collection, Golf Swing Instruction, Coffee Table Book

The most visually stunning collection of articles, photos, and career information is contained in the new 2006 printing of this beautiful coffee table size treasure, 'The Man Behind the Mystique'. Many color and black and white photos of Ben Hogan including several excellent previously unpublished golf swing sequences. Family photos and wonderful stories from family and friends as well as extensive historical information about Ben Hogan's championship career.

This is a must have for any golf professional or player who appreciates the history of the game and what Mr. Hogan contributed to the understanding of the golf swing and the tradition of tournament golf. If golf had been in the Olympics during his career I would bet that part of his legacy would have included a gold medal listed next to all of his career wins in tournaments and in the majors tallies included in this book.

One of the special ingredients to the book was the participation and review by Valerie Hogan, Ben's beloved wife.

There are so many unique photos in the book that one should put aside time to enjoy it at a leisurely pace. Its so full of information and history.

The following is a summary of the contents:


The Gold Standard by Martin Davis
The Ben Hogan I Knew by Valerie Hogan
Hogan Lore Strikes Again by Dan Jenkins
Swing Analysis by Jim McLean

Photography and Commentary

1940 North & South Open
1942 Masters
1942 Hale America Open
1946 Masters
1946 PGA Championship
1947 Ryder Cup
1948 PGA Championship
1948 United States Open
The Accident
1949 Masters Get-Well
1949 Ryder Cup
Los Angeles Open
1950 United States Open
1951 Masters
1951 United States Open
1951 Ryder Cup
1952 Masters Club
'Follow the Sun'
1953 Masters
1953 United States Open
1953 British Open
New York Celebrates
The Ben Hogan Award
'The Caddy'
1954 Masters
1955 Masters
1955 United States Open
1956 United States Open
1956 Canada Cup
'Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf'
1958 Masters Bridge Dedication
Colonial National Invitational
1965 Shell's Wonderful World of Golf
1967 Masters
1967 Ryder Cup
The Complete Hogan Record

I bet Tiger Woods has a copy as does Phil Mickelson. If not they can get a copy at the Ben Hogan Collection website: or on

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