Saturday, March 6, 2010

Promo Reel for the 'Five Lessons, The Modern Fundamentals of Golf' by Ben Hogan DVD

We created promo reel for the 5 Lessons project. It runs about 10 minutes but really tells you about what we are working on. I hope to have a new WORKING link up on this site soon. The old link stopped working for awhile, not sure why but it will be back up. I may end up putting it on YouTube as an option but not sure of that track. The promo reel is very well done and provides a terrific look of several components of the project, from the DVD to the website and some of the special features that will be available including an iPhone app.

We are also working the art work for Mr. Hogan's Avatar for the Five Lessons project. I am receiving the 3rd version today or tomorrow and will try find a way to post it as well. It is still a work in progress!