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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Left Handed Golfers - National Left Handers Day

Today is National Left Handers Day I am told by the media folks. I guess us right handers get the rest of the days of the year? Just kidding with you.

I would like to point out a couple of great video resources for those left handed golfers out there that would like to see THE GOLF SWING ROLE MODEL, instead of Phil or Steve who are on the PGA Tour now.

I have posted a video of Ben Hogan swinging the a driver in a left handed view courtesy of some computer software magic. It is on YouTube at

I have also included several left handed versions of the video clips of Mr. Hogan in the 'Video Vault' located on our website. There is a free trial period so it won't cost anything to view them for a couple of weeks. You can then opt out of the credit card payment at that time and you won't be charged if you choose not to continue the service.

The left handed version is nice if you are able to look in a mirror at the same time as your reflection looks just like Mr. Hogan on the video clip. Pretty neat instructional perspective.

I wonder who looks like Mr. Hogan from the left hand side that is on tour now?

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