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Monday, July 14, 2008


Must we look at tournament wins and other golf records with an asterisk? Why yes, because one of the greatest players that ever lived did not play in them. Even though the best golfers of the time played in them and one of them would win or set a new record we need to get our asterisk stamp pad and ink it up. I agree with the golf pundits who keep talking about this on air and in print and now in cyberspace. Any tournament that Ben Hogan did not play in should have an asterisk, woops, I mean Tiger Woods, woops, I mean Bobby Jones. Now I am all confused. Maybe all tournament wins should have asterisks and explain why it was or wasn't a 'normal' tournament. I guess that includes those tournaments that happened even before Tigber was born and at some point when he hangs up his spikes. Or should it be a double asterisk if Jack did not play? Heck, none of them can count unless we mention that Ben Hogan probably would have won it anyway.

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