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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Ben Hogan Company New Irons

The Ben Hogan Collection now has on both its website and in Ebay listings new Ben Hogan Company irons and wedges. New posts for the wedges are forthcoming but we have listed on Ebay brand new in their original shipping box Ben Hogan Apex, Apex PLUS, and Apex Edge irons. All sets are 3-9 plus the E (Equalizer) Wedge. The sets are numbered and are all forged construction. They are beautiful.

The listings on Ebay can be found under the mcctee vendor listings. The price is a great value at $499. The Apex and the Apex PLUS can be found on our website at We are proud to be able to provide this Ben Hogan Company equipment along with our instruction dvd products.

We will be posting the other wedges as soon as the web techs are able to make the changes.

I am sorry to say that we are out of stock on a number of items that still appear on the website such as golf balls and golf towels. However, we will be posting some golf books including 'The Five Lessons, The Modern Fundamentals of Golf' in the very near future.

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