Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ben Hogan Golf Swing Instruction Software

Here is something much more fun for golfers to do than search for information on Hurrican Gustav or watching the Democratic National Convention.

The software titled 'The Swing Interactive' is part of the Ben Hogan Collection 3 DVD set as a Bonus feature. For anyone who wants to simply study Mr. Hogan's golf swing for instructional purposes or to improve their own method this is a great tool. One of the PGA Senior Tour pros called it brilliant after he received and used his copy. We the producers really enjoyed that comment for sure.

We took 4 swings from different views with different clubs performed by Mr. Hogan. The software allows the user to run it as a video slideshow or screensaver whereby the different swings are sequenced through after 5 repetitions of each. There are motion control buttons on the screen that allows the user to have a particular swing loop continuously at regular speed, run in slow motion, or even a click by click action that causes a still frame by still frame sequential viewing. This applies to all 4 swings. It is really a great tool.

I won't go into a discussion about what can be seen in Mr. Hogan's swing. Each golfer will be looking at different areas of his swing in order to learn something about his secrets. One can view this over and over and never get tired of it. It is mesmerizing in its effortless fluidity, grace, and power. Mr. Hogan could turn it on at 147 lbs in his prime and launch the old 1940's ball with his wooden headed driver 300 yards or more. When coming up through the caddy ranks the young Ben Hogan would win the long drive contests using a draw trajectory which he eventually abandoned for tournament play. Hogan favored a power fade for maximum control without giving up much in distance.

The software can be purchased separately or as part of the dvd set at

More about the 'Collection' in a later post.


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