Monday, February 23, 2009

Welcome back Tiger Woods! Wonder how you improved your swing?

I am really looking forward to seeing Tiger Woods play again on the PGA Tour and throughout the world. He personifies much of what is great about golf and sports in general. As a fan, I hope he remains a gentleman.

I am wondering what is post injury, post rehab, post swing change swing looks like. My guess is that it will be improved and more closely resemble Ben Hogan's swing action. The trouble with the left knee was written on the wall with that violent snap he used to use to give himself some extra leverege on the downswing through the ball. Hogan did it with a sustained increase in speed as he worked through the ball with a bent left knee that facilitated this type of right side release. Two ways of skinning the cat with one being more consistent and pure. I don't bet much but... let's see what Tiger is going to do with that left knee and right side.

The funny thing is that Tiger is much close to using this action when hitting his irons! There was a big difference in those two swings, the driver and iron swings. Not sure if it was just psychological or a just a difference in effort that resulted in the difference. He has so much strength at 6'1" I believe he could still whip the club through the ball using the Hogan action versus trying to brute it through the ball with his standard driver action.

I do hope he changes. It will save his knee from reinjury. And we will get to watch Tiger play more often over the 50 years.

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