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Monday, February 23, 2009

Trevor Immelman, Masters Champion, Hogan-like Swing?

I recently watched the broadcast from Riviera Country Club, fondly called Hogan's Alley due to all those victories he achieved there in his prime. Trevor Immelman, the Masters Champion was struggling with his swing/tempo/feel and proceeded to take several practice swings before making his approach shot to the green.

The practice swings were truly excellent and fully reminded me of Ben Hogan's swing action. Then, Trevor took a swing at the ball. This was not the same swing at all. The ball landed on the green but he was not happy with the result nor was he happy with the cell phone going off during his swing.

I was really amazed at how different the two swings were. The practice swings were somewhat flatter than his ball striking swing. The more upright swing would have required some manipulation to get his plane back down to where he could approach the ball from an inside attack angle. His 'Hogan' practice swing looked much better and should have produced a better strike on the ball. I just wonder out loud if he does this on purpose.

Trevor Immelman will be in the match play championship this week and I do hope he does well.

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