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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Danny Lee, US Amateur Champion, Johnny Walker Classic Winner

Danny Lee is a model for amateur players. He has won the US Amatuer, won a professional tour event as an amateur, and will delay turning professional and making a livelihood to play in The Masters as an amateur. Could he possibly win The Masters as an amateur? It is possible! All amateurs, good or lousy, should really cheer for him at the Masters.

I will be there this year, first time, on the Tuesday practice round. I will be watching Danny Lee as well as many of the other players that I really admire, especially Tiger Woods.

Lee's golf swing is looking good. He is tall and thin with a tremendous amount of flexibility. What I have seen so far clearly incorporates Hogan's fundamentals. Lee has great confidence in his swing as he should at this point. He will only get better. Watch out tour professionals everywhere, there is a new fast gun in town. Keep an eye on this fellow's play and career.

Hurray for the amateur!

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