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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Ben Hogan Fundamentals to Help the Next 10 Ryder Cup Teams from USA

This new post includes rare 8mm film footage of Ben Hogan hitting a driver.  The film was shot at the Augusta National Golf Club, site of the Masters Tournament.  Mr. Hogan's swing is spot lighted from the hips down to show is core and legwork, a key fundamental action of his unique golf swing that garners praise for the past 70 years and will on into the future.  Only the finest players on the PGA Tour and other professional tours from around the world have shown a semblance of capturing this exquisite move.  It encompasses a studied setup position, a one piece takeaway, a loading of the right leg and hip, an extended lateral move, and a pulling through the downswing with the legs/hips/core/ to the end of the downswing.  It results in Hogan's classic whip action seen in his swing, especially in the late 1940's when he was a bit younger and did not have extensive body damage as a result of the accident.  The snapping action of his hips is followed all the way through to the end of his swing.  It ensures acceleration of the clubhead well past the ball and hitting area.  Mr. Hogan won 5 US Opens with this swing and its earlier versions.  He completed the Hogan Slam in 1953.

Study this video closely if you will.  It will help your understanding of what Hogan did.  If you are a younger player it will do you great benefits and who knows, maybe a spot on one of the next Ryder Cup Teams.  A good reference is the analysis by Jim McLean in 'The Complete Hogan, A Shot by Shot Analysis of Golf's Greatest Swing."  McLean does a good job explaining the swing action and the 'feel' of the action.  Mr. Hogan talks about this move in 'The Five Lessons, The Modern Fundamentals of Golf' as well.  In my teaching, I work with my students to capture this movement as best they can to improve their golf swings and shot making.

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