Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hogan won the British Open in 1953

Ben Hogan did not know how important winning the British Open Championship would be to his legacy all those years he did not play at that prestigious venue. Somehow he missed the boat on that piece of golf history that was successfully dominated by Bobby Jones in his career. Its really too bad. In the twenty plus years of his competitive career he only played once, and won. Hogan's nine majors count might have been much greater if he had made the Open Championship a priority as the modern era tour professionals do. The best of the best on the PGA Tour define their careers and their chances of entering the World Golf Hall of Fame partially by how many major they won. My guess is Hogan would have won at least one or two more to add to his 'major total'. What if he had dominated like Peter Thompson or Old/Young Tom Morris?
If not for the war, the accident rehab year and the subsequent shortened schedule for the next decade who knows who Tiger Woods might be chasing and Jack Nicklaus as well in his career prime.

We can only wonder. But, Hogan's legacy is stellar and in tact for all players to enjoy and chat about after their own day's adventures on the golf course.

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