Friday, July 17, 2009

Ben Hogan Collection Swing Revealed Interactive Software

We at McTee's Champions LLC have received so much praise for The Swing Revealed Interactive Software that is part of the package for the 'Ben Hogan Collection' 3 DVD set (plus software CD) that we wanted to share some information about it. The software has been called 'brilliant' and 'magnificant' by a consumers that purchased the product.

Often, the purchaser has watched the 'Legacy DVD' and the two instructional DVD's (Swing Revealed 1 & 2) and installed the software on their Windows based computers much later. To their suprise they really enjoyed using the software as it allows them select any of the 4 swings demonstrated by Ben Hogan and choose either: 1) slow motion 2) continuous repetition 3) frame by frame 4) full screen - with a right click on the screen. They can even back up frame by frame and then go forward again. The four swings include a face on view of a 3 wood from 1949 when Hogan was at his absolute best, a down the line view of a mid iron, a right hip pocket back view of a short iron, and face on view that is slightly angled back from the target (the last 3 swings are from the 1967 Masters practice area).

The continuous replay mode is simply mesmerizing. The slow motion and frame by frame advance views really gives the viewer a good look at what Ben Hogan did with his golf swing. There are some differences between the swing in 1949 and 1967 due to his age and long term effects of the accident he had in 1949.

In our next production the Five Lessons DVD we will expand on the software component. This project is still in pre-production and in discussion with potential sponsors for funding and applications.

As always, keep them in the fairway.

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