Sunday, March 18, 2012

March Magic

March is such a great month.  Spring breaks for the kids from school and the mini vacations with the younger ones and the huge parties for the older ones.  March Madness NCAA basketball and the NIT to mix sports viewing with tournament golf and even NASCAR events.  A lot of sport on TV and in our local venues in Florida.  Grapefruit league baseball gives us a chance to see the stars up close during spring training and its a lot easier to get an autograph.  The weather can be unpredictable but if lucky you can enjoy the outdoors. 

And getting in the mood for the Masters Tournament.

Getting ready for the spring and summer golf instructional season at Doral. 

The 5 Lessons, Modern Fundamentals of Golf projects (iPad and tablet apps and the iPhone and mobile phone apps) are taking off in the marketplace as well as the new book,'The Complete Hogan'.  The Ben Hogan Collection 3 DVD box set is still a hot seller.  I guess I have been busier than I realized.

Here are some open questions:

And where in the heck is Peyton Manning today?  Where will he play?

When will Tiger win again? 

Will the Miami Dolphins finally get a top notch quarterback?

Will the Miami Marlins fix the parking problem at the new stadium?

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