Saturday, November 26, 2011

Doral Golf Resort and Spa on the sales block - again

Looks like Doral is going to be sold again.  Not sure that is good news.  Maybe for the new owner it sure could be.  Not sure the members are too happy about it all.  There could be major changes to the venue including a redesign to the practice range, rerouting some of the courses/holes, and a shopping center where the Great White sits.  Ouch!  Signs of the economy or just good business.

So who has $200 million to sign on the dotted line.  I read an article indicating Donald Trump was buying it but apparently there is still room for someone else to own the resort and all its goodies.  Three golf courses, a resort complex, practice range, tennis center, new ball room/business center, sophisticated spa, renouned Jim McLean Golf School location, jogging trails, fishing lakes (including bass, snook) for the angler.  Let me check my savings account!

Sure hope its all for the better.....

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