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Friday, April 24, 2009

Professional Tour Players Swings, Any Ben Hogan Swingalikes?

Naturally having a standard for the golf swing as golden as Ben Hogan's leaves a TV viewer of the top players on the various professional tours sometimes making comparisons of their techniques and compliance with swing fundamentals. In 'The Five Lessons, the Modern Fundamentals of Golf' Hogan laid out some of the most critical of the fundamentals in an instructional style, aided by writer Herbert Warren Wind and illustrator Anthony Ravielli.

Who has the most Hoganesque swing on each tour? Beats me. There are some candidates that we hear about from the PGA Tour and the golf analysts that lead us through the broadcasts on the Golf Channel and the network coverage. Chad Campbell comes to mind. So does Trevor Immelman. Also, Jonathan Byrd. Who else? Well how about tall and lanky amateur Danny Lee? Very nice swing according to Bob Toski who saw it in person at the Masters this year when he was up there with Ken Duke for practice rounds.

There some teaching professionals that also sport Hoganesque swings. First on the list would be Jim McLean. Jim demonstrates his swing in his instructional dvds. V.J. Trolio has a very close action to Hogan's. You can see his on YouTube.

You can see quite a bit of Ben Hogan in 'The Ben Hogan Collection' dvd set. It fully meets its purpose of providing extensive film footage of Mr. Hogan hitting various shots with different clubs and demonstrating his wonderful golf swing.

I am sure there are many more pros and amateurs that have Hogan like swings. I wonder who they are!


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